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Apache Micro Peripherals has been around since 1989. Apache uses Rockwell (now Conexant Systems) and cirrus logic chipsets on their modems and support the 56k Flex and V.90 standards. Their support site is pretty good, with links to drivers and even AT command sets.

Contact Info:

17895 Sky Park Circle, Suite F
Irvine, CA 92614, USA
Business: 949-251-1818
Fax: 949-251-1877

If you would like to E-mail us your problem, here is our email address:
If you would like to talk to a live tech support person call 949-251-1818 9am - 5pm Pacific time.
If you are a distributor in need of a RMA you can fill out this distributor RMA form

Apache Company Site

Apache Modem Support Site

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Last Updated April 30, 1999.