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    Where do you put init strings for these operating systems?

    Windows 95/98

    - Go to My Computer,
    - then to Dial-Up Networking,
    - Right click on your connection icon, & select Propeties (or highlight the icon and goto File then Properties).
    - Click on the Configure button at the bottom of that screen
    - Then click on the Connection tab.
    - Then click on the Advanced button.
    - You will see an extra settings box on this screen. This is where you can put the init string.

    Windows 3.1 Trumpet Winsock

    - Open Trumpet Winsock
    - Goto Dialer, down to Edit Scripts
    - Here you might have a number of different scripts.
    - If you have modem.cmd, click on it which brings up notepad. Here look for the line $modeminit="&f&c1&d2" (&f&c1&d2 is the current init, if you want to change it, just replace it with the correct string)
    - If you don't have modem.cmd click on login.cmd and this again brings up notepad and again you just find the line $modeminit="&f&c1&d2" and replace the init with whatever init string you want.
    - After you have changed the init string, select File and Save before you exit notepad.

    Windows NT4.0

    - Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel
    - In the Control Panel, double click on Modems
    - Highlight your modem, and click on Properties
    - Then click on the Connection tab.
    - Then click on the Advanced button.
    - Under Extra Settings, you can put in the desired Init String

    Config PPP

    - Go to the apple menu, to the control panel to Config PPP.
    - Click on the CONFIG button. On this screen you will see the box marked modem init, and this is where you can put in your init string.


    - Open FreePPP setup. Click on the Accounts tab. Click on your connection you use, then click on edit.
    - Now click on the connections tab.
    - On this screen you can see the init string box which is where you put in your init strings.


    - You CANNOT change the modem init string in OT/PPP. - You will need Apple's Modem Script Generator ver 1.0a1 (Not supported by Apple). - To install these new modem scripts (CCL's) you downloaded from your modem manufacturer (recomended) or created yourself you:
    1) open the System Folder, then
    2) open the Extension Folder
    3) put the CCL (Modem Script) in the Modem Scripts folder
    4) then select Modem in the control panel and select your modem from the list.

    ARA Apple Remote Access

    Apple's New Apple Remote Access Client (shipping with iMac's and OS8.5). Remote Access is actually a newer OT/PPP and ships with Mac OS 8.5 and Open Transport 2.1. This uses ARA 3.0

    OS/2 WARP

    - open the dialer
    - click on the Modem Info tab
    - Here you can change the init string and port speed in the labeled fields
    OS/2 Warp Dialer Screenshot

    Last Updated March 14, 2005.