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    We are going to try to use this page to run a little poll, one to get some feedback to what users want, what modems give you the most problems, which ones are the best, which support departments are the best.. etc..

    Here is this month's Poll. I'll try to update the pool every month and post the results of the previous months polls as well.


    Q: How would you describe your Computer/Internet/Modem technical knowledge
    (of 1391 respondents)
    25%   Good
    21%   Average
    19%   Excellent
    17%   Novice/Beginner
    14%   Computer Guru
    4%   None
    Thank You

    March/April Poll:
    Q: In the next 6 months are you planning on upgrading your internet connection to one of these?
    (of 760 respondents)
    30%   V.90 (X2, k56flex)
    28%   ADSL
    24%   Cable Modem
    7%   ISDN
    7%   Other highspeed alternative
    4%   33.6 (V.34)
    Thank You

    Q: How would you rate your current ISP's tech support? (of 642 respondents)
    30%   Excellent
    18%   Good
    14%   Very Good
    14%   Average
    14%   They should be fired
    10%   Below average
    Thank You

    January/February's Poll:
    Q: What was modem the first modem you used? (of 1025 respondents)
    25%   56k (k56flex, X2, V.90)
    24%   1200 bps or lower
    18%   14400/9600 bps
    16%   V.34 (28800/33600bps)
    14%   2400/4800bps
    3%   Cable/ADSL/ISDN
    Thank You

    December's Poll:
    Q: What type of connection do you use for personal use? (of 1297 respondents)
    4%   ADSL
    Cable Modem
    3%   Highspeed Broadband
    63%   V.90, 56k Flex or X2
    12%   33.6kbps
    7%   Less then 33.6kbps
    Thank You

    November's Poll:
    Q: Which modem chipsets gives you the most problems? (of 1516 respondents)
    33%   Rockwell
    3%   Texas Instruments
    4%   Cirrus Logic
    10%   Lucent
    22%   Pctel HSP's
    28%   Winmodems
    Thank You

    Last Updated September 3, 2002. by Craig Stumpf