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    Hidem, Highwayman, Holmes, Hornet HSP, Hypertec Modem Init Strings

    Hidem, 2400                                  AT&F
    Hidem, 2442                                  AT&F\N7
    Hidem, 9600                                  AT&FW2\N6
    Hidem, 14.4FAX                               AT&FW2\N6
    Hidem, 14.4P/FAX                             AT&FW2\N6
    Hidem, 14.4DLX                               AT&FW2\N6
    Highwayman,                                  AT&FB0l3X3&C1&D2&P1\N3
    Holmes, Correspondent                        ATQ0V1X4&C1&D2&S1
    Hornet 2                                     AT&F1&Q6
    HSP Deluxe 33.6                              AT&F&C1&D2&K3W1
    Hypertec,                                    AT&FS0=0S7=60&K3&D2X3#K0
    Hypertec,                                    AT&FS0=0S7=60&K3&D2X3\N3-K0

    For HSP modems, they usaully have the PCTel chipset but have other modem manufacturer as the brand name. Zoltrix, Shark Multimedia, Phoebe Micro and Speedstatic(manufacturer without a webpage) sell a number of PCTel chipset HSP modems.

    Last Updated March 5, 2005.