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Zoltrix Modem Init Strings

    Zoltrix,                                     AT&Q6 
    Zoltrix,                                     S0=0E1Q0V1X4
    Zoltrix, 2400 (No MNP)                       AT&FE1Q0V1X4&C1&D2
    Zoltrix, 96/24 V.42bis                       AT&FE1Q0V1X4&C1&D2\Q3\N9
    Zoltrix, 9600 V.42bis                        AT&F1X4&C1&D2&M5&K3&R0&Y0%C1\J0\N3\Q3W1
    Zoltrix, 96/14.4                             AT&F&C1&D3&R0&Y0S36=7S95=43\Q3\N9
    Zoltrix, 96/96                               AT&F&C1&D2&Y0S95=43
    Zoltrix, 9600 Fax                            AT&F&D2%C0
    Zoltrix, 14.4                                AT&F&C1&D0
    Zoltrix, 14.4                                AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
    Zoltrix, 14.4                                AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
    Zoltrix, 14.4                                AT&F&C1&D2&K3+H3S95=1
    Zoltrix, 14.4 Data/Fax                       AT&FX1&C1&D2S95=3
    Zoltrix, 14.4 Fax                            AT&F&C1&D2W2
    Zoltrix, FM-1414i                            AT&FE1Q0V1X4&C1&D2S95=3
    Zoltrix, ZX 1848                             AT&FE1Q0V1X4&C1&D2S95=3
    Zoltrix, ZX 1896                             AT&FE1Q0V1X4&C1&D2
    Zoltrix, ZX 1896S                            AT&FE1Q0V1X4&C1&D2S95=3
    Zoltrix, Fax/Modem (V.42bis)                 AT&FW2&C1&D3&K3%C1X4S7=60S36=7
    Zoltrix, High-Speed Models (non-RPI)         AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
    Zoltrix, FM-288SI                            AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S36=7S46=138S48=7S95=47 
    Zoltrix, FM-VOC336I                          AT&F&C1&D2S95=3
    Zoltrix, FMVSP-336I                          AT&F&C1&D2S95=3
    Zoltrix, FMHSP33.6                           AT&F&C1&D2&K3N3%C0W1
    Zoltrix, 28.8 / 33.6                         AT&F&C1&D2
    Zoltrix, 28.8 / 33.6                         AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
    Zoltrix, 28.8 / 33.6                         AT&F&C1&D2N0S37=12
    Zoltrix, 28.8 / 33.6                         AT&Q6W1%C0S95=05S11=50 
    Zoltrix, 28.8 / 33.6                         AT&F&C1&D2&K3W1
    Zoltrix, FMVSP56i 56K Flex                   AT&F&C1&D2
    Zoltrix, 56k HCF V.90                        +ms=v90
    Zoltrix, 56k HCF 56kflex                     +ms=k56flex
    Zoltrix, 56k HCF 33.6 mode                   +ms=v34
    Zoltrix, 56k HCF V.90 (to disable V.90)      +MS=V34,0,19200,33600
    Zoltrix, FMHCF56i Spirit 56K                 AT&F&C1&D2+MS=v90,0
    Zoltrix, FMHCF56i Spirit 56K                 AT&F&C1&D2&K3+MS=v90,0
    Zoltrix, FMHCF56i Spirit 56K                 AT&F&C1&D2s10=200+MS=v90,
    Zoltrix, FMHCF56i Spirit 56K (force 33.6)    AT&F&C1&D2+MS=v34
    Zoltrix, FMHCF56i Spirit 56K (force 33.6)    AT&F&C1&D2
    Zoltrix, FMHCF56i Spirit 56K                 AT&F&C1&D2s95=3
    Zoltrix, FMHCF56i Spirit 56K                 AT&F&C1&D2W2
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F1
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F2
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&FW2 (shows real connections speed)
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2W2
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2+MS=12
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2s95=3
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2+MS=v90,0
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2&K3+MS=v90,0
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2s10=200+MS=v90,1
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2s10=200s25=100
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2s10=200s25=100s91=10
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2s10=200s25=100s91=13
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K                   AT&F&C1&D2s10=200s25=100s30=0
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K (force 33.6)      +MS=11
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K (force 33.6)      AT&F&C1&D2+MS=11
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K (force 33.6)      AT&F&C1&D2&K3+MS=11
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K (force 33.6)      AT&F&C1&D2+MS=v34
    Zoltrix, FM56e Rainbow 56K (force 33.6)      AT&F&C1&D2&K3+MS=v34
    Zoltrix, FMPCM56f 56k PCMCIA                 -v90=0
    Zoltrix, FMPCM56f 56k PCMCIA                 -v90=1
    Zoltrix, FMPCM56f 56k PCMCIA                 S38=0
    Zoltrix, FMPCM56f 56k PCMCIA                 S38=1

    Note: for Zolrix modems FMVSP56i, FMVSP56i2, FMVSP56i3, FMVSP56e3, 56KEACFVSP and 56KIACFVSP use FM56e Rainbow 56K init strings. All these modems are based on the Rockwell/Conexant ACF chipset.

    The Zoltrix Spirit modem is based on the Rockwell/Conexant HCF Chipset.

    The Zoltrix Phantom modem is based on PC-Tel's HSP Chipset.

    The Zoltrix FMPCM56f 56k PCMCIA modem is based on Lucent's Venus Chipset (LT Winmodem).

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    Last Updated March 4, 2005.