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Here is a list of other modem pages that I like, some are init string pages, and other like curt's page, give you a good general overview of modems as a whole.

red dot Where to put init strings???
red dot Official V.90 Site
red dot Official 56K Site
red dot Mr Modem Init Strings Page
red dot Jay's Modem Init Page
red dot Winmodem Win98 Tech Update

red dot Where do you put init strings???
red dot V.90 Upgrade FAQ (Good article from
red dot IBM MWAVE Troubleshooting Page
red dot
USR Sportster Terminal Window Garbage Page
red dot PCTEL HSP Help Page
red dot Hope to figure out Download Speed Page
red dot Comm Overrun Help Page
red dot Modem FCC ID Code Look-upPage
red dot USRs v90 test line
red dot Modem/Chipset Info Site

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