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Zoom has been in the modem business for a long time. They currently have a number of different models. Zoom uses the Conexant/Rockwell chipset and supports the K56Flex and V.90 standards. Most of their modems will fall back to 56kFlex if you isp supports that instead of V.90. Their website is easy to use and finding files and upgrades is quite easy.

Zoom Components Important Contacts:

Main Office
ZOOM Telephonics Inc.
Address: 207 South Street, Boston, MA 02111
Telephone: (617) 423-1072


Telephone (9-6 Eastern Time, Monday-Friday): 800-666-6191, 800-631-3116
Fax: 617-423-3923

International Sales

Western Europe
Press Liaison - Ann-Marie Landy
For all inquiries please email

ZOOM Telephonics Inc.
Address: Sendlingerstr. 22, 80331 Munich, Germany
Telephone: 0049 89 23087200
Fax: 0049 89 23087249

ZOOM Telephonics Inc.
Address: 44 Highfield Rd, Chelmsford Essex, CM 1 2NQ, United Kingdom
Telephone: 1245 35 2403
Fax: 1245 355 373

ZOOM Telephonics Inc.
Address: 20 allee Louis Calmanovic, 93320 Les Pavillons-sous-Bois, France
Telephone: 3315 58 90881
Fax: 3315 58 90889

ZOOM Telephonics Inc.
Address: Hasseltsesteenweg 207, 3580 Beringen, Belgium
Telephone: 0032 (0)11 45 26 00
Fax: 0032 (0)11 45 26 01

Press Relations

For press and review information contact:
Telephone: 617-423-1072, ext. 3185
Fax: 617-423-3923

Technical Support

North America Retail Products Support Center
(Faxmodems, Zoom/Video, ComStar, PC Cards, Dialers)
For support and suggestions contact:
Telephone (8:30-11 Eastern Time Monday-Friday; 9-5 Eastern Time Saturday): 617-423-1076
Priority telephone support (95 cents per minute, 8:30-6 Monday-Friday): 900-555-COMM
Fax: 617-423-5536
Faxback service (answers to common questions by fax): 617-423-4651
World Wide Web: Use this online form to ask for assistance.

European Support Center
Telephone: 44 (0) 1493 748818
Fax: 44 (0) 1493 748876

North America Business Products Support Center
(Zoom/Access, MultiLine, Tribe Products)
Telephone (8:30-5 Eastern Time Monday-Friday): 617-753-0700
Fax: 617-423-5536
E-mail: Zoom/Access Products (Tribe)


Telephone: 617-423-2564

VAR Program

Telephone: 800-631-3116
Fax: 617-423-3923

Online Resources

Zoom BBS: 617-423-3733
America Online forum: ZOOMT

Compuserve forum: ZOOM

Employment opportunities

Mail: Attention: Melissa Hartman
Human Resources Administrator
World Wide Web: Zoom Telephonics job listing page

Other contacts

Investor information:
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