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Phoebe Micro is considered a relatively new company. The company has been around for roughly 5 years. Their company annual sales volume is about $45 mil and ship about 100K units of modems per month. Based in Sunnyvale, in the heart of Silicon Valley, their products are distributed through indendent distributors, system integrators and on-line shopping distributors. Among their products they have networking and multimedia products also.

They have numerous models of modems (PCMCIA, Internal, External) with a variety of chipsets: Rockwell, Texas Instrument, Cirrus Logic, PCtel, Lucent, Sierra and Davicom.

Their support site is simple yet easy to navigate and all the drivers are easy to find.

Phoebe Micro Company Site

  • PhobeMicro Official Support Page

  • PhobeMicro Official Downloads Page

    Last Updated March 31, 1999.