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    Intertex (Multiwave) Company Info Page

    Intertex Data AB is a Swedish company that was founded in 1982. In the Swedish modem market, Intertex and 3Com's US Robotics are the top two in terms of market share. The European market is where you will mostly find these modems. Intertex is an industry leader, here is an excerpt from their site, "ntertex is known for its attractive, high quality products, which have won numerous different magazine awards, and for being first out with new technology. For example, Intertex launched the world?s first 14400 bps pocket modem, the world?s first 28800 bps PCMCIA modem, the world?s first PCMCIA with voice functions, the world?s first modem with telephone functions and headset, and the very first 56 kbps modems in Europe, in both desktop and PCMCIA versions. Intertex is the first company to integrate a 56Kbps modem and a smart card reader, and, even more amazingly, has managed to not only combine them in a desktop version , but also in a 5mm thick PCMCIA card!"
    Intertex supports 56k Flex and V.90. Their lineup consists of internet, external, PCMCIA and are based on the Rockwell (now Conexant Systems). Their support site has plenty of info, drivers, and information on it in a easy to read/find format.

    Company Info:

    Intertex Data AB
    Rissneleden 45
    SE-174 44 Sundbyberg

    Phone and FAX:
    Phone +46 8 628 28 28
    FAX +46 8 628 64 14

    Email Addresses:
    All mail will be read, but unfortunately not all will receive a reply, due to lack of time.
    Intertex Data Systems Limited.

    Intertex Data Systems Limited
    42 Trentham Street
    London SW18 5AT
    +44 0181 870 6924
    Email Addresses:

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    Last Updated June 4, 2002.