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Global Village Manufacturer Info

Global Village has been in the modem business for a long time. Most of their reputation is built on their bulletproof and dependable Global Village modems used with so many Macs (Apple computers) around the world. Most of these modems are external and if you have a Mac that connects to the internet, chances are a Global Village modem is involved. Global Village modems tend to cost slightly more and they do sell modems for PC's as well (win95, NT, etc). Their 56k modems make use of the Conexant (formerly Rockwell) chipset and they support the 56kFlex, V.90 and V.92 standards. Global Village has also entered the Cable Modem market with its Global Village CableModem Kit for Macintosh Model 6011.

As of August 1st, 2000, Global Village (and Boca Research) are now owned by Zoom Telephonics Their website has undergone many changes and the site has been transformed from a vague hard to find site (in my opinion) to a very good modern support site.

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    Last Updated October 25, 2001.