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ESS Technology manufactures PC audio, video chips and modems. Their modems support V.90 and some of their older ones support X2 and V.34. Their support site is fairly good with the modem drivers on it, although the last updated date was 3 months ago which leaves me wondering how uptodate the drivers are... and the particular model I was looking for of theirs, didn't have the drivers on the site.. Unfortunately I was unable to find a tech support number to give them a call... Their new 56k modems, which support V.90 appear to be PCI and PCtel Chipsets.

Contact Information:
Tel : (510) 492-1088
Fax: (510) 492-1098
Address :
ESS Technology, Inc.
48401 Fremont Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538

ESS Technology Company Info Site

Last Updated March 31, 1999.