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Boca Research has also been in the modem business for quite a while now. The current Boca 56k Modems are based on the Conexant/Rockwell chipset and supported 56k Flex. The new Boca 56k modems support V.90. Their support site is pretty good as well and well laid out.

Boca Research Contact Info:

Corporate Headquarters:
1377 Clint Moore Road
Boca Raton, FL 33487-2732 USA

Phone: ----------------------> 561-997-6227
US Distributors Sales Fax: --> 561-997-9657
US Retailers Sales Fax: -----> 408-548-2622
International Sales Fax: ----> 561-997-2551
Boca Research Tech Support:--> 561-241-8088
Global Village Tech Support:-> 408-523-1050
Boca QuickFax Product Info:--> 561-995-9456

California Office: ----------> 408-523-1000

European Headquarters: ------> +44-181-573-8050
European Fax: ---------------> +44-181-573-4198

Latin American Headquarters:-> +525-255-0332
Latin American Fax: ---------> +525-255-2469

Asia Pacific Headquarters: --> +603-735-3833
Asia Pacific Fax: -----------> +603-736-5241

Boca Research Corprate Site

Boca Official Support Site

Boca Research FTP for Modems Drivers and Software Support Site

Last Updated February 24, 1999.