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Askey Computer Corperation around since 1989. Askey modems started under the name Dynalink and recently has modems under the MagicExpress brand as well. They have a variety of modems ranging from 56k V.90, ISDN TA's, cable modems, ADSL modems and routers. Askey uses Rockwell (now Conexant Systems) chipsets in their modems and support the 56k Flex and V.90 standards. Their support site is adquate, but not an industry leader. Kind of vague although they have their drivers there. Knowing which one that matches your modem is something that they could use expecially if users with minimal modem knowledge come here looking for modem upgrades and drivers.

Contact Info:

Office hours are from Monday thru Friday 8:30am-5pm (pacific standard time).
Askey International Corp. products support, help desk (909) 444-2179.
Voicemail (800) 890-2027.
This help desk is for United Stated and Canadian use only. If you need international support, please write to

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Askey Init String Page

Last Updated April 13, 1999.