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Amquest has some interesting products and services. The one thing I am impressed with is their K.A.R.E.S policy that comes with every modem. Basially its a lifetime replacement warrenty with above average service. One new product of theirs, the quadmodem (4 phone lines, 230k download speeds) seem amazing, although few modem bondings products I've seen actually work as well in the real world.
Amquest modems are based on the Rockwell (now Conexant Systems) chipset and support both 56kFlex and V.90 standards. Amquest's Support Site is well laid out, and is a great source of information. Unfortunately the only contact information I found on their site was this phone number: 877-MODEM-4-U 877-663 3648 and the support email address of:

Last Updated April 9, 1999.