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Actiontec makes a number of 33.6 and 56k X2 modems(now upgradeable to V.90). Their support site is pretty good, with a picture of the modem, drivers, upgrades, jumper settings and even adobe versions of their modem manual. All in all a very useful support site that other manufacturers should take a look at and copy. The rest of their company pages are ok, although some have dead links and it doesn't appear they put their tech support email address or tech support numbers on their webpage.

ActionTec Important Contacts:
PH: (408)752-7700

ActionTec Electronics Inc.
1269 Innsbruck Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
PH: (408)752-7700

Actiontec Company Site

ActionTec Official Tech Support Site

Last Updated April 13, 1999.