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Acer makes a number of products. Recently (the last few years) Acer really got into the Modem market and has quite a few different Models of 56k (flex and V.90) modems on the market. Acer modems generally come in internal varieties (most common) yet they have external and ISDN products as well. Their modems are reasonably priced and their support site has improved in the past year.

ACER Components Important Contacts:

Main Phone ----> 408-432-6200
Facsimile------> 408-922-2953
Sales----------> 800-538-1542
Support--------> 800-445-6495
BBS------------> 408-383-3770
Email----------> Acer Tech Support

Company Address
2641 Orchard Parkway
San Jose
CA 95134

Acer's Company Site

Acer Init Strings Page

Last Updated March 26, 1999.