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    Netcomm Modem Init Strings

          Netcomm, 9600 / 14.4                        AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\N3&K3
          Netcomm, 14.4 / 28.8                        AT&D2&C1X3S7=70
          Netcomm, Pocket Rocket PA 9600              AT&D2&C1X3S7=70
          NetComm, Roadster 14.4                      AT&F&D2&K3X3-K0&W
          Netcomm, Roadster 14.4                      AT&F&D2&K3X3-K0%E2
          NetComm, Roadster 14.4 (win3.1 and winsock) AT&F&D2&K3X3-K0&W
          NetComm, Roadster 14.4                      AT&F&D2&K3X3-K0
          NetComm, Roadster 28.8                      AT&F&C1&D2
          Netcomm, Roadster 28.8                      AT&F%E2&C1&D2S0=0S7=60K0
          Netcomm, Roadster 28.8                      AT&F%E2&C1&D2S0=0S7=60-K0
          NetComm, Roadster 28.8                      AT&F&D2&K3%E2-K0&W
          NetComm, Roadster 28.8 (win3.1 and winsock) &FS0=0S7=60-K0X3&C1&D2%E2
          NetComm, PCMCIA V32bis CM1700               AT&F\N3%C0&K3&D2
          Netcomm, CardModem Range                    AT&F&D2&K3%E2-K0&W
          NetComm, M11F 28.8                          AT&FQ0V1X5&C1&D2&E2&K3&R0\J0\N3%C3%T0S7=60
          Netcomm, M7F                                AT&e&k0b0\v0x4&d2\n1\q0#j0#q9%c0
          Netcomm, M34F                               AT&K3&D3&C1Q2
          NetComm, Socket Rocket Range                AT&F&D2&K3S106=0&W
          NetComm, SmartModem M11F 28.8               AT&FQ0V1X5&C1&D2&E2&K3&R0\J0\N3%C3%T0S7=60
          NetComm, SmartModem M11F 28.8 (win3.1)      AT&F&K3S0=0S7=60#C0#K0X3&C1&D2
          NetComm, SmartModem Range                   AT&F&D2&K3&W
          NetComm, Other SmartModems (win3.1)         AT&F&K3S0=0S7=60#C0#K0X3&C1&D2
          NetComm, VoiceMaster 33.6                   AT&F&D2&K3&W
          NetComm, VoiceMaster 33.6                   AT&F&D2X3
          NetComm, 33.6                               AT&F&W

    Last Updated March 4, 2005.