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Motorola Modem Init Strings

          Motorola,                                     S0=0 E1Q0V1X4
          Motorola, FasTalk 2400                        AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70
          Motorola, Codex 225x 4800                     AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70*SC0*MF0
          Motorola, FasTalk 9600                        AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\G0\N3\Q3\J0
          Motorola, FasTalk 14.4                        AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\G0\N3\Q3\J0
          Motorola, 14.4 Pocket                         AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Motorola, 14.4 Pocket                         AT&F&C1&D2\Q3
          Motorola, 14.4 Cellular Pocket                AT&F1&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Motorola, 14.4 Cellular Pocket                AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Motorola, CELLect 14.4 PCMCIA                 AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Motorola, CELLect 14.4 PCMCIA                 AT&F1&C1&D2\Q3
          Motorola, 28.8 Ext                            AT&F&G2%C*A
          Motorola, TA210                               S0=1 &F3 %A2=95 E1Q0V1X4
          Motorola, 3400                                AT&F&G2%C*A&G2
          Motorola, 326x Series                         AT&F&D0*FL3S0=0
          Motorola, 326X                                AT&F&C1&D2*FL3*DC0
          Motorola, Codex 226x 9600                     AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70*SC0*MF0
          Motorola, Codex 326X Series                   AT&F&C1&D3*FL3*MF0*SM3*TT2*XC2S7=60
          Motorola, Codex 326x 14.4                     AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70*DE12*SC1*MF0*SM3*FL3
          Motorola, Codex 326x 28.8                     AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70*DE15*SC1*MF0*SM3*FL3
          Motorola, Codex 326XFAST (57.6K)              AT&F&C1&D2*XC2*FL3*CD3*AA5*DE16
          Motorola, Codex 326XFAST (115.2K)             AT&F&C1&D2*XC2*FL3*CD3*AA5*DE21
          Motorola, Codex 2260                          AT&F&C1&D2*DL0&R0
          Motorola, Codex 2264                          AT&F&C1&D2*FL3*XC1*PT0&R0
          Motorola, Codex 2264                          S0=0 Q0 V1 *DC0
          Motorola, Codex 3220                          AT&F&D0*DC0*FL3S0=0
          Motorola, Codex 3220                          AT&F&C1&D2*XC2*RS0*FL3*MD0*MF0L3S10=50
          Motorola, Codex 3220                          S0=0 E1Q0V1X4 &C1&D2&R1&S1 *FL3 *DC0
          Motorola, Codex 3220 Plus                     AT&F&C1&D3*DC1*EC0*MF0*SM3*XC2S7=60
          Motorola, Codex 3260 Series                   AT&F&C1&D2*XC2*RS0*CT0*FL3*MD0*MF0L3S10=50
          Motorola, Codex 3260                          S0=0 E1Q0V1X4 &C1&D2 *FL3
          Motorola, Codex 3220 Plus                     AT&F&C1&D3*DC1*EC0*MF0*SM3*XC2S7=60
          Motorola, Codex 326X Series                   AT&F&C1&D3*FL3*MF0*SM3*TT2*XC2S7=60
          Motorola, Codex PCMCIA Pwer 14.4              AT&F1&C1&D2\Q3
          Motorola, BitSURFR Pro                        AT%A2=95
          Motorola, BitSURFR Pro Ext                    AT&F&C1&D0\Q3%A2=2%A4=1
          Motorola, BitSURFR Pro Ext                    AT&F&C1&D0\Q3%A2=3&M@B0=2%A4=1
          Motorola, BitSURFR Pro Ext                    AT&F&C1&D0\Q3%A2=95@B0=2%A4=1
          Motorola, BitSurfr/BitSurfr PRO 57.6k(ML-PPP) AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=1
          Motorola, BitSurfr/BitSurfr PRO 57.6k(V.120)  AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=2%A4=1
          Motorola, BitSurfr/BitSurfr PRO 64k(ML-PPP)   AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=0
          Motorola, BitSurfr/BitSurfr PRO 64k(V.12)     AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=2%A4=0
          Motorola, BitSurfr PRO 115.2k(ML-PPP)         AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=1@B0=2
          Motorola, BitSurfr PRO 128k(ML-PPP)           AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=0@B0=2
          Motorola, BitSurfr PRO                        AT%A2=2&C1&D2
          Motorola, BitSurfr PRO                        AT%A2=2C1&D0
          Motorola, BitSurfr PRO                        AT&F2&C1&D2
          Motorola, BitSurfr PRO                        AT%A2=95&C1&D2@B0=2
          Motorola, BitSurfr PRO                        AT%A2=95&C1&D0
          Motorola, BitSurfr PRO (ML-PPP) (Mac and Win) AT%A2=95&C1&D2@B0=2
          Motorola, Lifestyle Series 14.4 PCMCIA        AT&F&C1&D2\Q3\N7%C1H3S7=60
          Motorola, LifeStyle Series                    AT&F&D0\Q3S0=0
          Motorola, Lifestyle/Power 14.4 / 28.8         AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\G0\N3\Q3\J0
          Motorola, Lifestyle 14.4 PCMCIA               AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Motorola, Lifestyle 14.4 PCMCIA               AT&F&C1&D0\Q3\V3
          Motorola, Lifestyle 14.4 PCMCIA               AT&F&C1&D2\Q3\N7%C1H3S7=60
          Motorola, Lifestyle 28.8 and PowerClass 28.8  AT&F&C1&D2\Q3
          Motorola, Lifestyle 28.8                      AT&F&C1&D2\Q3
          Motorola, Lifestyle 28.8                      AT&F&C1&D2\Q3X4%C0
          Motorola, Lifestyle 28.8 Int                  AT&F&C1&D0\Q3\V3
          Motorola, Lifestyle Series 28.8 Data/Fax      AT&F1V1&C3&D3%C1\N7S7=60
          Motorola, Lifestyle 28.8                      AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%R3\V2S7=60
          Motorola, Lifestyle 28.8 PCMCIA               AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Motorola, Lifestyle 28.8                      AT&F&C1&D0\Q3\N%C
          Motorola, Lifestyle 28.8                      AT&FS0=0V1X3&D2\V2\Q3
          Motorola, V.34R                               AT&F&C1&D3*CM1*DC1*EC0*FL3*SC1*SM3S7=60
          Motorola, V.34R                               AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N7\Q3\J0
          Motorola, V.34R Ext                           AT&F&D0X4W2/Q3
          Motorola, V.34R Ext                           AT&F&D0X4W2/Q3*MM12\N7%C1%B16
          Motorola, V.34R Ext                           AT&F&D0X4W2/Q3*MM12\N0%C0%B16
          Motorola, Mariner PCMCIA 28.8                 AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
          Motorola, Montana PCMCIA 28.8                 AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
          Motorola, 33.6(Macintosh)                     AT&F*DC0*FL3
          Motorola, ModemSurfr 28.8 / 33.6              AT&F\C1E0-J"H
          Motorola, ModemSurfr 28.8 / 33.6              AT&F&C1&D2\Q3
          Motorola, ModemSurfr 28.8 / 33.6              AT\N0%C0
          Motorola, ModemSurfr 28.8 / 33.6              AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Motorola, ModemSurfr 28.8 / 33.6              AT&F&C1&D0\Q3\V3
          Motorola, ModemSurfr 28.8 / 33.6              AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2%C0\N3\Q3\J0
          Motorola, ModemSurfr 56k                      AT&F&C1&D2\K3
          Motorola, ModemSurfr 56k                      AT&F&C1&D2&K3\V1\N3L1S0=0
          Motorola, ModemSurfr 56k                      AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
          Motorola, Power 14.4 PCMCIA                   AT&F&D0\Q3S0=0
          Motorola, Power 14.4 PCMCIA                   AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Motorola, Power 14.4 PCMCIA                   AT&F&C1&D0\Q3\V3
          Motorola, Power 28.8                          AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%R3\V2S7=60
          Motorola, Power 28.8                          AT&F&D0\Q3\V4\N7S0=0
          Motorola, Power 28.8                          AT&F%C0
          Motorola, Power 28.8                          AT\N%C0
          Motorola, Power 28.8 Ext                      AT&F\V4&C1&D0&X4\Q3
          Motorola, Power 28.8 Ext                      AT&F\V4&C1&D0&X4\Q3%C1\N7
          Motorola, Power 28.8 Ext                      AT&F\V4&C1&D0&X4\Q3%C0\N0
          Motorola, Premier 33.6                        AT&F\Q3&C1&D2%C0
          Motorola, UDS Ext                             AT&F&D0&S0\V\G\Q3W2%L6
          Motorola, UDS Ext                             AT&F&D0&S0\V\G\Q3W2%L6*MM12\N7%C1%B16
          Motorola, UDS Ext                             AT&F&D0&S0\V\G\Q3W2%L6*MM12\N0%C0%B16
          Motorola, UDS V.3227 9600                     AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\G0\N3\Q3\J0
          Motorola, UDS Fastalk 14.4                    AT&F1\N0%C0
          Motorola, UDS UTA 220K (ISDN)                 AT&F&D3&K3&C1@P3=N
          Motorola, VoiceSURFR External 14.4            AT&F&C1&D0\Q3\V3
          Motorola, VoiceSurfr 28.8                     AT&F&C1&D2\Q3
          Motorola, Voicesurfer 56k                     AT&F&C1&D2\K3 or AT&F&C1&D2&K3\V1\N3L1S0=0
          Motorola, SM56                                AT&F%B18
          Motorola, SM56                                AT&F&C1&D2
          Motorola, SM56                                AT&F&C1&D2\KS10=200S15=125
          Motorola, SM56                                AT%B40
          Motorola, SM56                                AT&F&C1&D2*MM15
          Motorola, SM56                                AT%B27%L18*MM15
          Motorola, SM56                                AT&F&C1&D2\KS10=200S15=125
          Motorola, SM56 (k56flex enabled)              AT&F&C1&D2*MM14
          Motorola, SM56 (limited to 33.6)              AT&F%B18
    To disable 56k FLEX on a flex Motorola user:   +ms=11,0,9600,33600
    Motorola SM 56k Info -    Minimum System Requirements
                                    150MHz Pentium Processor
                                    w/256K L2 cache.
                                    Windows? 95/98 with 16 Mbytes RAM
                                    Windows? NT 4.0 with 32 Mbytes RAM
    The Motorola SM 56k modem is an HSP based modem.
                              How to Disable v.90    at*mm15
                                             kflex   at*mm14
                                             v.34    at*mm11
                                             v.34    at*mm12

    As well Sharad went a step further with his Motorola SM56 modem. He changed modulation type from standard to bell and he used the init string: AT&F&C1&D2\KS10=200S15=125

    He said the modem got better throughput and fewer disconnects then.

    Motorola is also getting out of the modem business. They have said they will continue to provide support for their modems currently on the market.

    Other manufacturers that sell SM56 Modems are: Wintop/AresMicro, Shark Multimedia and Solomon Technologies.

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    Last Updated March 4, 2005.