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Hayes Modem Init Strings

          Hayes, Compatible 9600 /14.4 /28.8 /33.6             AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
          Hayes, Smartmodem                                    ATX4V1Q0S7=70
          Hayes, Smartmodem V Series 2400/2400B                AT&F&C1&D2
          Hayes, Smartmodem 9600                               AT&F&C1&D2&K3
          Hayes, Smartmodem V Series 9600/9600B/9600 V.32      AT&F&C1&D2
          Hayes, Smartmodem Optima 9600                        AT&F&C1&D2&K3S46=136
          Hayes, V-Series/Ultra                                AT&Q5S36=7&C1&D0&K3
          Hayes, V-Series Smartmodem 9600                      AT&F&C1&D2&K3S46=0
          Hayes, Ultra 9600                                    AT&F&C1&D2&K3&Q6
          Hayes, Accura                                        AT&F&C1&D2&Q5&K3S38=0S95=42
          Hayes, Accura                                        AT&F&D2&C1
          Hayes, Accura                                        AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70
          Hayes, Accura 24 EC                                  AT&F&C1&D2&Q5&K3S38=0S95=42
          Hayes, Accura 9600                                   AT&F&C1&D2&Q5&K3S38=0S95=42
          Hayes, Accura 9600                                   AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2N1&Q5&K3 
          Hayes, Accura 14.4                                   AT&F
          Hayes, Accura 14.4                                   AT&F&Q5 
          Hayes, Accura 14.4                                   AT&F&C1&D2&K3S46=136
          Hayes, Accura 14.4                                   AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2N1&Q5&K3 
          Hayes, Accura 14.4                                   AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70&Q5&K3 
          Hayes, Accura 14.4                                   AT&F&C1&D2&Q5&K3S38=0S95=42
          Hayes, Accura 144+Fax/Mac                            AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Accura 144+Fax                                AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Accura 144 + FAX                              AT&F&C1&D2&K3&Q6
          Hayes, Accura 144B+Fax                               AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, ACCURA 144 EC                                 AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S36=7S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, ACCURA 144 + FAX144                           AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S36=7S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, ACCURA 144B + FAX144                          AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S36=7S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, Dual Ultra 144 Line Card                      AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima                                        AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2&Q5&K3
          Hayes, Optima 2400                                   AT&F&C1&D2&K3W1S95=42
          Hayes, Optima 9600                                   AT&F&C1&D2&K3&Q6
          Hayes, Optima 9600                                   AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2&Q5&K3 
          Hayes, Optima 9600                                   AT&F&C1&D2&Q5&K3W2S38=0S95=42
          Hayes, Optima 14.4                                   AT&F&D0
          Hayes, Optima 14.4                                   AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
          Hayes, Optima 14.4                                   AT&F&C1&D2&K3&Q6
          Hayes, Optima 14.4                                   AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2&Q5&K3 
          Hayes, Optima 14.4 Fax                               AT&F&C1&D2&Q9&K3W2S37=0S38=0S95=46
          Hayes, Optima 144+Fax PC Card Non-Jack               AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 144+Fax                                AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 144 Business                           AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 144+Fax/Mac                            AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 144+Fax PC Card w/EZjack               AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 144B+Fax                               AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, OPTIMA 144 + FAX144                           AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, OPTIMA 144B + FAX144                          AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, Optima 14.4 PCMCIA                            AT&F&C1&D2&K3S46=136
          Hayes, Optima PCMCIA 14.4                            AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2S46=136&Q5&K3
          Hayes, OPTIMA 144 + FAX144 PCMCIA                    AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, OPTIMA 144 + FAX144 Pocket Edition            AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q9S7=60S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, Ultra 144/ SC EZ                              AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Ultra 14.4                                    AT&F&C1&D2&K3&Q6
          Hayes, Accura 28.8  / 33.6                           AT&F
          Hayes, Accura 28.8  / 33.6                           AT&Q6 
          Hayes, Accura 28.8  / 33.6 ext                       AT&FS95=3&D0X4
          Hayes, Accura 28.8  / 33.6 ext                       AT&FS95=3&D0X4&Q5
          Hayes, Accura 28.8  / 33.6 ext                       AT&FS95=3&D0X4&Q6
          Hayes, Accura 28.8  / 33.6 Mac                       ATE1Q0V1X4&C1&D2&K3&Q5S0=0S36=7
          Hayes, Accura 288 + Fax                              AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Accura 288 + FAX                              ATS0=0 E1Q0V1X4&K3
          Hayes, Accura 288B+Fax                               AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Accura 288 + Fax/Mac                          AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Accura 288 V.FC                               AT&F&C1&D2&Q5&K3S38=0S95=42
          Hayes, Accura 288 V.34/V.fc + fax                    AT&FX3&K3&D0
          Hayes, Accura 288 V.34/V.fc + fax                    AT&F&C1&D2&K3&Q6
          Hayes, Accura 288 V.34/V.FC + FAX                    AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S36=7S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, Accura 288B V.34/V.FC + FAX                   AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S36=7S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, Accura 28.8 / 36.6                            AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2N1&Q5&K3 
          Hayes, Accura 28.8 / 36.6                            AT&F&C1&D2&K3S46=136
          Hayes, Accura 28.8 / 36.6                            AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
          Hayes, Accura 56K                                    AT&F&C1&D0W2
          Hayes, Accura 56K                                    AT&F&C1&D0E0W2
          Hayes, Accura 56K                                    AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2N1S109=0&Q5&K3
          Hayes, Accura 56K + FAX                              AT&F&C1&D2
          Hayes, Accura 56K + FAX ext                          AT&F&C1&D2
          Hayes, Accura (Rockwell K56flex) 56k                 AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2N1+MS=11&Q5&K3
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 / 36.6                            AT&F&K3S7=90S9=16S10=36
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 / 33.6                            AT&F&k3L1M0S7=90S9=16S10=36
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 / 33.6                            AT&F&C1&D2&S0
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 / 33.6                            AT&F&C1S46=136S48=0
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 / 33.6                            AT&F&C1&D2S37=12 
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 / 33.6                            AT&F&C1&D2&K3S46=136
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 / 33.6                            AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2&Q5&K3 
          Hayes, Optima                                        AT&F&Q9 
          Hayes, Optima 288 V.FC + Fax                         AT&F&C1&D2&K3&Q9W2S37=0S38=0S95=46
          Hayes, OPTIMA 288 V.34/V.FC + FAX                    AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q9S7=60S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, OPTIMA 288B V.34/V.FC + FAX                   AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q9S7=60S46=138S48=7S95=47 
          Hayes, Optima 288 Business                           AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 288+Fax PC Card Non-Jack               AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 288+Fax PC Card w/EZjack               AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 288+Fax                                AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 288 Business Modem Mac                 AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 288B+Fax                               AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 288 V.FC+FAX                           AT&K3X3&D0
          Hayes, Optima 288 V.FC+FAX                           AT&F&C1&D2&Q6&K3
          Hayes, Optima 288 V.FC+FAX                           AT&FE1l1V1X4&C1&D0S0=0S7=60
          Hayes, Optima 288+Fax Mac                            AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Optima 288 PCMCIA                             AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
          Hayes, Optima 288 PCMCIA                             AT&F&D0S95=3&K3X4
          Hayes, Optima 288 PCMCIA                             AT&F&D0S95=3&K3X4&Q5
          Hayes, Optima 288 PCMCIA                             AT&F&D0S95=3&K3X4&Q6
          Hayes, Optima 288 PCMCIA                             AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2S46=136&Q5&K3
          Hayes, Optima 288 ext                                AT&F&D0S95=3X4
          Hayes, Optima 288 ext                                AT&F&D0S95=3X4&Q5
          Hayes, Optima 288 ext                                AT&F&D0S95=3X4&Q6
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 and 33.6                          AT&F&C1&D2
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 and 33.6                          AT&F&C1&D2&K3
          Hayes, Optima 28.8 and 33.6                          AT&F&C1&D0E0W2
          Hayes, Optima 56K                                    AT&F&C1&D0E0W2
          Hayes, US-Quad Ultra 28.8 v.34                       AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Ultra 96/SC EZ                                AT&F&D0&K3&Q5S0=0 
          Hayes, Ultra 9600                                    AT&F&C1&D2
          Hayes, Ultra 14.4                                    AT&F&C1&D2W1S38=0
          Hayes, V Series 2400/2400B V.42                      AT&F&C1&D2&K3&Y0
          Hayes, V Series 9600/9600B V.42                      AT&F&C1&D2&K3&Y0
          Hayes, V-Series 9600                                 AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70S46=0&Q5&K3 
          Hayes, V-Series Ultra  9600                          AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2S46=0&Q5&K3
          Hayes, V-series ULTRA Smartmodem 14.4                AT&FW2&C1&D2&K3&Q5S7=60S38=10S46=2S48=7S95=63 
          Hayes, V-Series Ultra 14.4                           AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2S46=0&Q5&K3 
          Hayes, 28.8 V.FAST                                   AT&Q6&KS37=9N%C0\N0
          Hayes, ISDN TA 2.0 (ISDN 56k)                        AT&F%A1=0%A2=2%A4=1%A0=2W1&D2&K3 
          Hayes, ISDN TA 2.0 (ISDN 64k)                        AT&F%A1=0%A2=2%A4=0%A0=2W1&D2&K3 
          Hayes, ISDN Terminal Adaptor                         AT&F&C1&D2&K3%A1=0%A2=2%A0=2W1

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