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ECS, Edison, Elcomm, Ellcon, ELsa, Epson, Ericsson, EXP Modem Init Strings

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    ECS 400                                      AT&F&C1&D3&K3&Q5\N3%C3S7=50
    ECS 400                                      AT&F&C1&D3&K3&Q5\N3%C3S7=60
    Edison, 14.4                                 AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2\N3&K3
    Elcomm, 28.8                                 AT&F&C1%C3&D2\l1\N3*NC40X3&W1
    Ellcon, 14.4 and 28.8                        AT&F&D2&C1X3W2S6=0
    Elsa MicroLink, 2400T2VX                     AT&FX4&C1&D2&R6&E4$BA0$MB9600
    Elsa MicroLink, 2410 w/MNP-5                 AT&FX4&C1&D2&R6&E1$BA0$SB9600
    Elsa MicroLink, 2410 w/V.42bis               AT&FX4&C1&D2&R6&E1$BA0$SB9600
    Elsa MicroLink, 2410 (no MNP)                ATE1Q0V1X4&C1&D2
    Elsa MicroLink, 2440T/2440TR                 AT&FX4&C1&D2\Q3\N3%C3
    Elsa MicroLink, 9624T2VX                     AT&FX4&C1&D2&R6&E4$BA0$MB9600
    Elsa MicroLink, 14.4 Series                  AT&FX4&C1&D2\Q3\N3%C3
    Elsa MicroLink, 28.8 Series                  AT&FX4&C1&D2
    Elsa MicroLink, 28.8 Series                  AT&FX4
    Elsa MicroLink, ISDN/PC                      AT&FX4&C1&D2\Q3
    Elsa MicroLink, ISDN/TL                      AT&FX4&C1&D2\Q3
    Epson, PCMCIA                                ATS0=0Q0V1&C1&D2&Q0&K3&S1W2S95=18N0
    Epson, 14.4 PCMCIA                           AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0
    Epson, 14.4                                  AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\G0\N3\Q3\J0
    Epson, 14.4 PCMCIA                           AT&F0&C1&D3&K3\N3%C3S7=60
    Ericsson, DC12                               AT&FE0V1X3S0=0&C1&D2\V1
    EXP Computer, 14.4                           AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70&Q5&K3\J0
    EXP Computer, 14.4                           AT&FW2X4&C1&D3&K3%C3\N3S7=60
    EXP Computer, 14.4 PCMCIA                    AT&F%C0
    EXP Computer, 14.4 PCMCIA                    AT&F0&D2&R0V1W1&C1S95=L3\N3
    EXP Computer, 14.4 PCMCIA                    AT&FS0=0E1Q0V1X4&C1&D2&K3%C0
    Express                                      AT&F\N3%C0
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    Last Updated March 5, 2005.