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3Com Modem Strings

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    3Com, EtherLink III PCMCIA                  AT&F&K3&C1&D2%C0
    3Com, Etherlink III PCMCIA 28.8             AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70\N7&K3&Q6
    3Com, ISDN Impact                           ATS60=64S70=0S80=0
    3Com, ISDN Impact IQ 1 B-Channel 56K        AT&D2&C1S60=56S80=0
    3Com, ISDN Impact IQ 1 B-Channel 64K        AT&D2&C1S60=64S80=0
    3Com, ISDN Impact IQ 2 B-Channels 112K      AT&D2&C1S60=56S80=1
    3Com, ISDN Impact IQ 2 B-Channels 128K      AT&D2&C1S60=64S80=1
    3Com, X2 56K Limited to 33.6                S32=32  
    3Com, X2, V.90 Limited to 33.6              S32=64
    3Com, 56K V.90 off                          S32=66
    3Com, 56K X2 off                            S32=34
    3Com, 56K V.34                              S32=98
    3Com, 56K V.90                              S32=2

    One thing I've noticed with some recent Megahertz and 3Com PCMCIA modem cards when using NT4 and connecting to a Com Total Control box. If you disable PPP LCP extentions it seems to help get and stay connected.

  • 3Com also owns Megahertz and is separating the US Robotics line off from regular 3Com products.

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