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Cable Modems

    In most cities cable companies are offering Cable Modems to their customers to access the internet. Compared to a standard V.90 anaolg modem, the bandwidth is incredible. With cable modems all transmissions are done through cable thus freeing up your telephone line for telephone converstations. No more need to "dial up" to your isp, with Cable Modems, you are online as long as your computer is turned on.
    The only drawback and complaint I've heard from cable modem users is that the more cable modem users in your block (or neighbourhood) the slower your speeds are because you essentially share the bandwidth so much like anaolog modems, during peak times, your speeds drop although if you do your surfing and downloading during off peak times you can make full advantage of the bandwidth.

    Currently Cable Modems now support the newer DOCSIS 2.0 standard which can support speeds up to 100Mbits/sec and potentially up to 250Mbits/sec.

    First Half '99 Cable Modem Market Shares
    Motorola 33%
    Nortel Networks 18%
    Com 21 9%
    Terayon 9%
    General Instrument 5%
    3Com 5%
    Thomson 5%
    Samsung 4%
    DeltaKabel 2%
    Other 10%
    Numbers from Znet

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