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ISDN Init Strings

    Adtran ISDN Express XRT 1 B-Channel 56k      ATS54=12S53=2S27=0
    Adtran ISDN Express XRT 1 B-Channel 64k      ATS54=12S53=3S27=0
    Adtran ISDN Express XRT 2 B-Channels 112k    ATS54=12S53=2S27=1
    Adtran ISDN Express XRT 2 B-Channels 128k    ATS54=12S53=3S27=1
    Adtran ISDN ISU 128k                         AT&C1&D2&R0&S2\Q3S34=15
    ControlWare Citam                            ATZ&C0&D1&M0&R1&S0S8=1
    Elsa MicroLink, PC                           AT&FX4&C1&D2\Q3
    Elsa MicroLink, TL                           AT&FX4&C1&D2\Q3
    Hayes, ISDN TA 2.0 56k                       AT&F%A1=0%A2=2%A4=1%A0=2W1&D2&K3
    Hayes, ISDN TA 2.0 64k                       AT&F%A1=0%A2=2%A4=0%A0=2W1&D2&K3
    Hayes, ISDN Terminal Adaptor                 AT&F&C1&D2&K3%A1=0%A2=2%A0=2W1
    IBM, WaveRunner HDLC Async to Sync           AT&FV1X4Y0&D3%C1
    IBM, WaveRunner V.120                        AT&FV1X4Y0&D3%C1
    Matra Com 814 V14e 57600                     ATZ
    Megahertz, ISDN ISDNU PCMCIA 1 B-Channel 640 AT&D2&C1%A2=95
    Megahertz, ISDN ISDNU PCMCIA 2 B-Channels 12 AT&D2&C1%A2=96
    Microcom, DeskPorte FAST (57600 BPS)         AT&F$B57600&C1&D3%C3%G0\J0-M0\N6\Q2\V2S7=60
    Microcom, DeskPorte FAST (115200 BPS)        AT&F$B115200&C1&D3%C3%G0\J0-M0\N6\Q2\V2S7=60
    Motorola, UDS UTA 220K                       AT&F&D3&K3&C1@P3=N
    Motorola, BitSurfr/BitSurfr PRO 57600(ML-PPP) AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=1
    Motorola, BitSurfr/BitSurfr PRO 57600(V.120)  AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=2%A4=1
    Motorola, BitSurfr/BitSurfr PRO 64000(ML-PPP) AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=0
    Motorola, BitSurfr/BitSurfr PRO 64000(V.12)   AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=2%A4=0
    Motorola, BitSurfr PRO 115200(ML-PPP)         AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=1@B0=2
    Motorola, BitSurfr PRO 128000(ML-PPP)         AT&F&C1&D3\Q3%A2=95%A4=0@B0=2 
    Motorola, BitSurfr PRO                        AT%A2=2&C1&D2 
    Motorola, BitSurfr PRO (Mac)                  AT%A2=2C1&D0
    Motorola, BitSurfr PRO                        AT&F2&C1&D2
    Motorola, BitSurfr PRO                        AT%A2=95&C1&D2@B0=2 
    Motorola, BitSurfr PRO                        AT%A2=95&C1&D0
    Motorola, BitSurfr PRO (ML-PPP) (Mac and Win) AT%A2=95&C1&D2@B0=2
    S.A.T. 3202S V110 38400                      AT&FC2E1Q0V1X1&R0&C1S0=2
    S.A.T. 3202S V14e 57600                      AT&FC2E1Q0V1X1&R0&C1S0=2
    USRobotics, Courier I-Modem ISDN/v.34 Int    AT&F1&D0S0=0
    USRobotics, Courier I-Modem ISDN/v.34 Ext    AT&F1&D0S0=0
    USRobotics, Courier I Modem                  AT&F1*V2=5
    USRobotics,                                  AT&F1*V2=5S67=0S68=0S69=0
    USRobotics,                                  AT*V2=5
    3Com, ISDN Impact                            ATS60=64S70=0S80=0
    3Com, ISDN Impact IQ 1 B-Channel 56K         AT&D2&C1S60=56S80=0
    3Com, ISDN Impact IQ 1 B-Channel 64K         AT&D2&C1S60=64S80=0
    3Com, ISDN Impact IQ 2 B-Channels 112K       AT&D2&C1S60=56S80=1
    3Com, ISDN Impact IQ 2 B-Channels 128K       AT&D2&C1S60=64S80=1
    ZyXEL, 2864IU 128k                           ATB40&J3X5S124=5JAKAS10JS10KSM1