Ascend disconnect/Progress codes

            Disconnect Reason                 progress codes 

03 Call Disconnected 04 CLID Authentication Failed 05 CLID Radius Timeout 10 Modem never detected DCD call up 20 TermSrv - user quit 11 The modem detected Usually caused by UART ERRORS for DCD, but it became external modems, or win 3.1 with inactive modem that are faster than 19.2k (LOST CARRIER). (windows only support up to 19.2k) To fix it, lower port speed. 21 The sessions timed The user was disconnected for inactivity out because there was it looks like it is set to 30 mins now, no activity on a PPP but it actually disconnects after 12-20 link. minutes. 23 PPP connection could It's a misconfiguration in the ASCEND start because the caused by too many PRI's for not enough remote host had no IP IP addresses, we've recently seen this address set up, or the with the Sault Ste Marie ascend. dynamic pool could not If you ever see this, contact dataops assign one. or me and I'll check the box's config.

(TermSrv - no IP Addr) 24 TermSrv - exit Raw TCP 25 TermSrv - login failed 26 TermSrv - Raw TCP disabled 27 TermSrv - CTRL-C during login 31 TermSrv - exit Rlogin Modem awaiting DCD 32 TermSrv - bad Rlogin option Modem awaiting Codes 33 TermSrv - not enough resources 35 MPP - no NULL msg timeout 40 PPP - LCP Timeout Terminal Server started 41 PPP - LCP Negotiation failed Raw TCP started Using script to connected 42 PPP - PAP Auth failed Telnet started 43 PPP - CHAP Auth failed Raw TCP connected 44 Authentication failed Radius server is not responding, from the remote server. is equal to NO REPLY FROM RADIUS SERVER. 45 The peer requested a When a user hits "DISCONNECT" in WIN95 disconnect via PPP. dial-up networking. Its a normal LCP terminate :) Only the user's machine can request it. 46 PPP - Receive Close Event Rlogin connected 47 LCP closed because no This means that 1- TCP/IP is not NCPs were opened. installed or is corrupted. or that you tried to create a non-supported network connection: IPX/SPX or Appletalk or etc. If you get the error with TCP/Ip installed and Netbui/SPX... also installed, you should to remove everything except Dial-up Adapter and TCP/IP. (it really works :) 48 PPP - MP bundle unknown 49 PPP - LCP close MP add fail 50 Session Table Full Modem Outdial - Call Up 51 Out of resources 52 Invalid IP Address 53 Hostname resolution failed 54 Bad/missing port number 60 Host Reset LAN Session Up 61 Connection refused Opening LCP 62 Connection timeout Opening CCP 63 Connection Closed Opening IPNCP 64 Network unreachable Opening BNCP 65 Host unreachable LCP Opened 66 Network admin unreachable CCP Opened 67 Host admin unreachable IPNCP Opened 68 Port unreachable BNCP Opened 69 LCP State Initial 70 LCP State Starting 71 LCP State Closed 72 LCP State Stopped 73 LCP State Closing 74 LCP State Stopping 75 LCP State Request Sent 76 LCP State Ack Received 77 LCP State Ack Sent 80 IPXNCP Opened 81 ATNCP Opened 82 BACP Opening 83 BACP Opened 90 V110 Up 91 V110 State Opened 92 V110 State Carrier 93 V110 State Reset 94 V110 State Closed 100 Session Timeout 101 he session failed for Two user connect same security reasons. server (Invalid incoming user) 102 Disconnect due to callback 120 Protocol disabled/unsupported 150 Disconnect requested by RADIUS 151 Disconnect by Local Admin Killed concurrent session 160 V110 timeout/sync retry exceed 170 PPP Auth Timeout exceeded 180 user executed Do..Hangup 185 Remote End Hung Up 190 Resource has been Quiesced 195 MAX Call duration reached
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